Birol Capa

Birol Capa

Software Designer

About Me

Hi. I'm Birol Capa.

I am working as a Software Designer at ICT Group.

I like

  • developing solutions for real-life problems considering requirements, constraints, and trade-offs.
  • learning and sharing my knowledge.
  • simulation games, especially truck simulators.

Projects @Siemens

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PROFINET Frame Capture Tool

In this project, I

  • developed and maintained a PROFINET Frame Capture Tool. (C#, C++, C)
  • created an API from scratch for PROFINET Frame Capture Tool. Test Automation colleagues can fully automate their tests with this API. (C#, C++, C)
  • wrote unit and integration tests from scratch for all the legacy code and new code. (C#, NUnit)
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Wireshark - PROFINET

I wrote new PROFINET features for Wireshark (C):

View on code.wireshark

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Automatic User Document Generation

I wrote scripts to build all user documents automatically. Nobody needs to spend effort for updating user documents anymore. (C#, Latex, Doxygen, Html, Css)

View a tutorial on my blog

Projects @Teknotel

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Autopark Guidance System

Drivers are guided to the closest appropriate place in the park.

In this project, I

  • assisted in preparing application report of TÜBİTAK 1507 Small and Medium Business R&D Startup Support Program which brought totally 500K TL (Turkish Liras) grant to the company.
  • developed "Online Map" and "Reporting of Parking Statistics" parts of Park Master Server (C#)
  • developed a tool that configures Park Master Circuits' IP, Gateway and MAC Addresses (.Net, C#, RS232)
  • built an embedded device from scratch which communicates via TCP/IP for LED Panels and which can be remotely updated by using TFTP. (C, STM32, lwIP, SPI, RS232)
  • designed all the hardware except microcomputer of Park Master project from scratch. (Mentor Graphics)

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Traffic Intersection Controllers

Traffic Intersection Controllers manages urban traffic.

In this project, I redesigned all the hardware of existing intersection controllers. (Mentor Graphics)

Maestro Intersection Controller

  • Power Source Module Hardware Design
  • Signal Source Module Hardware Design
  • Central Processing Unit Module Hardware Design
  • Backplane Module Hardware Design
  • Input Output Module Hardware Design
  • GPS Modem Hardware Design
  • GPRS Modem Hardware Design

Master Intersection Controller

  • Signal Source Module Hardware Design
  • Central Processing Unit Module Hardware Design
project name

Automotive & Traffic Electronics

I designed several hardware and software solutions for automotive and traffic electronics.


  • Hardware Update (PROTEL PCB Design, Mentor Graphics)
  • Tachograph Pulse Counter Hardware Design (Mentor Graphics)

Speed Sense Urban Radar

  • Display Module Hardware Design (Mentor Graphics)
  • Controller Module Hardware Design (Mentor Graphics)

FRP14 Iluminated Forced Direction Sign

  • Controller Module Software Design (STM32, CAN)
  • Controller Module Hardware Design (Mentor Graphics)

Projects @University

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Graduation Project

I designed a "Fan and Plate" system.

This was an Experimental Setup that can be easily programmed by Simulink.

I made system modeling and simulation, developed embedded software, and used xPC Target Software

I controlled the system with the following type of controllers: PID Controller, and Fuzzy Logic Controller

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Industrial Automation Intern

I programmed S7-300/400 PLCs and developed SCADA programs.

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Image Processing Intern

I developed an image processing based tracking application.

project name

Embedded Systems Intern

I developed embedded applications by using ATmega16 and ATmega128.

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Workshop Intern

I built a Voltmeter in my Workshop intern.

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Software Design for PIC Microcontrollers by C

We prepared documents and design software for education purpose for OTOKON.

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ITU Robotic Laboratory

I worked as an unofficial Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Robotics course at 2010. I designed a rich support environment for the course by using: Virtual Reality Toolbox, Matlab and Staubli RX160 Robot Arm CAD model.

The Most Enjoyable Homeworks @University

Work Experience

Software Designer - ICT Group (2018 - Present)

Currently I am working as a Software Designer at ICT Group.

Software Development Engineer - Siemens Turkey (2014 - 2018)

I worked as a Software Development Engineer at Siemens Turkey.

R&D Engineer - Teknotel Electronics (2010 - 2013)

I worked as an R&D Engineer at Teknotel Electronics.